Is there type of place where you can "leave" your elderly parent, say for a week, while you vacation?

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lol...kind of like the pet hotel.

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oops ..Is there any type of place?
some assisted living places and nursing homes have respit care available. It is very costly.
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I am new to this, so I hope this is helpful, but YES. There are respite houses with minimum stays of three days. We have several in our town. These would not be skilled nursing facilities but more like "rest homes" or hospice care facilities where people who need no more than one to assist with walking can stay. They would have a room and generally need to dine in a dining room so the patient would need to be ambulatory. You also can have home health aides and nurses come stay with your elder loved one at home to provide respite, but this is generally more expensive. Our hospice houses range from $100 to $175 a day, whereas overnight home care would be $24 an hour with nursing care $400 overnight.
call around to local smaller PCH homes. I have one in my neighborhood who only charges me $50/nite.I have to call ahead to make sure they have an open bed. I also take mom there for day visits for $25. I get a good rate cause mom is considered in there eyes "low maintaince". They told me that if they have an open bed mom can say as long as needed.
I am sure that bigger the home the more it would cost!!
What does PCH stand for? (forgive my ignorance)
'Private Care Home' - a private home used solely for the care of
'residents', usually 2-3 max. The training and size of staff and accommodations vary greatly, so check them out - visit, chat with residents, and ask for contact info of the residents' families. There are half a dozen in my community. Most can provide day-stay and extended stays, such as a period during your vacation -- all depending on room availability.
I made some calls and also had assistance from Aging Care and found some local assisted living places that do respite care. I found their rates at $125.00 per day (24 hr) but I also have a cleaning lady that we know and have used several times for the same rate. I believe it works better to have them in their familiar environment. I beleive that rate is reasonable assuming you receive proper care.
Laura_ PCH stands for personal care home-and found in assisted living........As mentioned you would be seeking respite cate for your Mom-however, be sure the facility can offer special care to your Mom's medical needs, as not all facilites are.
I don't know your mothers mental or physical capacity but I think it's always important to treat them with respect. Part of respecting them is to ask them where they'd like to stay while you are gone and work from there. I've found that most seniors prefer to stay at home. It's less change, more comfortable and they like familiar surroundings. If that is what she prefers, I'd like to recommend an In Home, Non-Medical care company, come into your home. If I'm going to be out of town, I want to make sure my mom's well taken care of and I'm not getting calls non-stop about her being unhappy with where's she's staying.
Private Care Home perhaps?

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