I've been a landlord to an elderly man for about 7 years now and his health is getting worse. His daughters don't care so what should I do?

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Contact your local Office of aging and adult services. There should be an "emergency" number for them. You can call anonymously if you prefer.
Depending on your rental agreement and your relationship with your tenant, you might consider contacting his emergency / next-of-kin contact with your questions.

Barring that, you may want to have a conversation with him and ask him to provide you with contact information for someone who will handle his affairs if he is unable to. If you are uncomfortable having the conversation, then you may turn to social services at your local senior center, or aging agency, but I suspect that it would make better sense to talk to your tenant first.

You did not say what the underlying concern is but if it is making certain he gets services, and is able to handle his business with you, you really should talk to him and offer assistance in contacting these agencies rather than calling on your own. Hope this helps.

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