What can I do to keep my daddy in a nursing home and not let my uncle take over?


My daddy is in a nursing home. He is doing ok, but in the early stages of Dimentia and is on Coumadin (and had trouble with it before). My uncle does not believe he needs to be in a nursing home. He was living with me before he moved in the nursing home. I work and am not home much. So I needed him to go where he would be watched after, take his medicine right, and have 3 good meals. My uncle got my daddy to give him POA and take it from me because my uncle promised to get him out of nursing home. My uncle lives in South Carolina and wants my dad to go to a rental house in Alabama. I live where the nursing home is.

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This is hard. You are entirely right, from what I can tell. You can keep an eye on your dad, and visit and help him. It's probably not good for your dad to live alone in a rental house, even if your uncle lives close. You may need an attorney to help you. Try to find an elder law attorney. This site may help you: http://www.naela.org/
Some will work on cases like yours for very little or they can help you get local help than may not cost a lot of money. Good luck,
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Thanks Carol. But just to clarify, my uncle lives in South Carolina, my brother lives in Ohio, and I live in Georgia. He wants to put my dad in Alabama. (doesn't make sense to me). I will still be the closest to him, but I will be 2 hours away. He does have a few cousins who live close but he has not seen them in years.
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