My dad fell during the night and broke his hip and in now in a rehab hospital. How do I keep him from standing up every time he tries to?

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Hi Ka2Bob: I don't know how to keep your Dad from standing up but I do know they have a pad to put in the wheel chair that makes a buzzer or bell ring when he tries to get out of the chair on his own. This happens to many people in the same situation. Do they have that solution at the Rehab? If not, maybe you could inquire if they could initiate it for your father and other patients.
He does have the alarm on his bed and chair, but he trips it so often that they have to keep him right next to the nursing station in his chair and have started medicating him at night. My mom is upset when she visits in the morning and sees him with his chin on his chest in the chair.
I suggested she ask for a tray to be attached to the wheelchair. It is not actually a restraint, but would function like one.
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I don't suppose he has any hobbies he does sitting down? I am sure somebody on the board here has some experience with this. I don't know what else to say. I am sorry that they are using meds. Maybe it is a short term solution for now. I think a tray and an activity to do would be a better alternative, but that is just me.

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