Will having an jump-suit at night for incontinence make my father be less likely to go on his own during the day as he currently does?


My father tends to remove his pull-up at night and there is a "mess" in the morning that the aide has to deal with - cleaning him as well as sheets. The Assisted Living Center called and recommended "jump-suits" for night wear that cannot be removed. Won't this start a downward spiral that will lead to his total reliance day and night on "pull-ups". During the day he goes to the men's room and attends to his needs on his own. (This night time incontinence and jumpsuit recommendation came during a week that he had a virus and a 99.7 degree fever. He is 90 years old.) Isn't this recommendation premature? I am fearful because "incontinence" is a "discharge criteria" from this particular Assisted Living Center.

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I think they need to give him more time, since this came at a time when he was ill. If he continues in this pattern, there may be no choice but to go with the jumpsuits, for night, but there's no reason to go to that by day. You are right that he should take care of his own needs for as long as possible.

Good luck. Press your case that he needs another chance. Illness will do that to people.
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With my Mom, she's been using Depends at night for the last 2 years. During the day, though, she has always used the bathroom. So that's been our experience.
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