My father-in-law with Parkinson's is constantly sniffing, coughing and spitting into the toilet. Is this commonly a part of the disease?

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My Mom's Parkinson's doc says that it is an inability of the brain to send a message to the throat to swallow. They are capable of swallowing but is no longer a reflex. Mom has problems with drooling...she literally has to remember to swallow. It has been hard watching her struggle with the limitations this disease presents.
We have no drooling yet. Its just the sound of him clearing his throat that is so horrifying. I think its very exaggerated to get attention, which is something he does often in other areas. You can hear him all over the house. My teenage girls are grossed out by it and when they have friends over they want to die....but I explain to them its Parkinson's related....
My grandmother lived with us and used to plunk herself down in the middle of the room when my friends came by. I used to be soooo embarassed, but my friends loved her....
Your comment above brought back is difficult to combine teens and seniors in one household

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