Is mileage driven to care for elderly parent tax deductible?

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Great question! If you provide enough financial assistance to the parent to take the parent off your taxes, it may be. You'll need to check with a CPA to figure this out. If you don't provide financial assistance, then it's unlikely, but again, a CPA can advise you.
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If you have covered more than half of your elderly parents living expenses (IRS definition of support which includes food, medical care, housing insurance and transportation) you may be able to take this deduction. For more specific detailed information on the deduction, I would recommend you review the IRA Publications 501 and 502 or check the IRS website at
As many of you are now finding out, the 7.5% floor on medical deductions has now risen to 10% for those under age 65. Unless there is catastrophic medical expenses, not many of us will get the medical deduction on Line1, Schedule A.
Can the mileage driven be used on the flex spending plan if the parent is not claimed as a dependent? Travel to take non relative to medical procedures?
If the parent is a Dependent, yes, you can take this deduction: Form 1040, Schedule A, Line 1.....Medical.
Ask your HR department if this can be used for your flex spending plan.
I am the executor of his estate an he is in a VA facility. He is 340 miles away. I have to go up there at least once a month.
How much can I deduct for milage?
My husband and I have to travel from Florida to Mississippi at least once a month to care for My 97 yr. old father-in-law, and mother-in-law. We have to take them to doctors appointments, refill their medicines, and make sure they are stocked with groceries and take care of any other medical issues. Can we deduct at least any of the travel expenses for this even though they are considered our dependents?
Sorry, I meant to say even though they are NOT considered our dependents.

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