Is it possible to receive government compensation for the daily care of my elderly grandmother?

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You aren't likely to get what you are worth, but please go to your State Web site and find something called "aging services" or a related name. Click on that and you'll find links to local support and also the National Family Caregiver Support program. That, too, may have a different name. You can check these out for local options. Most government support is locally administered.
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As far as I have seen you are not responsible for her bills so keep searching until you find help she may need to apply for medicaide and she will need help doing that do not let the system force you to do it that is a job for social services and they love tp push it onto family a nursing home can do it easily because they will want their payment as soon as possible you can give them what information you are aware of and can easilily obtain they can do the rest with all the availability of everyone knowing our business today it is easy for the people responsible to obtain what is needed-start with your county social service deptment and tell them the situation that she needs care and has no one to help her and they can go on from there,

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