My grandpa passed away recently and now my grandmother's health is deteriorating. Could she be giving up?

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She lost control of bladder and bowel and my mom has been taking care of her.Yesterday she passed blood in her urine and the liquid in the catheter is bloodish.She hasnt been eating properly and is kind of hazy.Is she giving up?

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She might have a bladder infection, and yes she has probably lost her drive to go on. Doesn't mean she still can't have a good life, what's left of it, but after so many years of marriage it would be really hard to pick your face up off the ground I would think. Get her to the doctor first & surround her with family and love, second.
It really is ok for her body to give out at this age. It is all natural. Absolutely there could be a bladder infection. Get a hold of Home Health Care. Fully covered by medicare. They will send a lab out for the urine test, will also do a blood test. The nurse will come out and report to your grandma's doctor. If she is near her end, get her into hospice or they may come to you. How wonderful she has you and family to see she is getting the correct care.
Thank you so much ,naheaton and picture,for your kind answers.My grandma lives with my parents in India and my mom is giving her excellent care by doing everything for her--feeding,cleaning and changing,etc. Doctor has visited her and gave her some medicines and IV fluid too...but the blood in the urine has not stopped.
kindly remember my grandma in your prayers.
Thank you so much again,

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