What's involved in moving a parent from 1 nursing home, to another, in another state?

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I am soon going to be moving to Las Vegas, and my mother is in a nursing home in Pennsylvania, where I used to live. I was wondering what is involved in moving a parent. I'm just starting out, so I guess I should try and find a nursing home out there for her to go to - I mean, that's pretty obvious, but then I'm not sure if a nurse has to accompany her on a flight or how everything is sorted out, so if anyone out there has any advice or experience or tips regarding this, would you let me know? Thank you, Julie

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Much depends on how sick your mother is (whether she needs a nurse or a family member). I'd think she'd need someone to travel with her. As far as arrangements, yes, you should make sure there is a room for her in the nursing home you want. You can get some help with the logistics from the long-term care ombudsman for your area by typing the Zip code into the site at www.ltcombudsman.org. These people are a font of information for long-term care. You can also find the contact information on your state website. Good luck,

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