I won't be 65 until January 15th, when is my initial enrollment period for benefits and when will this period end??

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Question 2: I do not plan to sign up for Soc. Sec. benefits until 1-15-2014 and presently have good doctors and drug coverage thru my wife's employer....should I sign up for Medicare Plan A...but not Plan B.

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There are many parts to Medicaid that make it complicated for caregivers and their elderly love ones to understand. That's why here at AgingCare.com we have created a special section for Medicaid and Medicare to help answer caregivers question. www.agingcare.com/Medicare-Medicaid

I have included two articles that will help you determine the requirement for and elderly person to qualify for Medicaid.

How Can My Elderly Parent Qualify for Medicaid?

Assets You Can Have to Still Qualify for Medicaid

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