Anyone have experience with the chairs that go up and down stairs? Can you rent them?

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I'm new to this forum. My mom is 92 is currently resides in a board & care home. She is very unhappy there and very bored. She gets bummed b/c other residents are passing away. She needs interaction but is physically limited and needs a full time caregiver to assist with bathroom, dressing, bathing. Long-short, she is moving in w/us but we have a 2-story home. We have a caregiver lined up who previously worked for mom and she will live in. My husband & I work full time. I have an young adult granddaughter who also lives w/us & goes to school. Also 3 dogs & 1 kitten. I don't think she will be bored!

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My in-laws had one and it worked fine as long as your mom isn't afraid of heights. They have to have confidence to sit in the chair and not be scared moving down. If you think she'll be fine with that, I'd say go for it. I don't know of any you can rent, but it could be possible. Maybe someone else on the forum will know.
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