Can someone provide me with information on Medicaid for housing?

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I am 61-years-old, female, no family help, husband, etc. I just finished 5 years of chemotherapy and radiation for cancer. I need information on Medicaid, no income person, help for 61 year olds. This is for housing

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You'll probably need to go through the very long disability process - sorry to say. However, each state is different. Please check your state Web site and look for Medicaid help.
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My friend is also 61 and on Medicare/Medicaid. She is also considered 'disabled' and gets food stamps. I think she started with her doctor for the disability part, but I guess I've never asked her how she got the rest. She lives in an apartment building for 60+ or disabled people. Her rent is on a sliding scale according to what her income is. In Oregon it's HUD, don't know if that's nationwide. She said that there are people in her building that don't pay anything at all because they have no income. So I know it's possible. If you have HUD in your state, call them and ask some questions.
I am on the hunt now. Same age, breast cancer,stage III, but I won't give up. I will keep you informed of what I find out. So far, we are left to our own devices. We SHALL overcome this, I promise if it is the last thing I accomplish in my life. My love to you and prayers each day from my heart to yours.
Many assisted living centers set aside so many rooms for Medicaid. I am not sure how it works. You may want to contact a local ALF and see what the process is.
The reason I suggested an ALF is because I have been looking into them for my Mom and they are so nice. They do everything for you - which may be a good stress reducer for you. They prepare meals, have a nurse on call, and help with getting you to appointments, shoppping, and errands.
There are also gov. subsidized housing units as naheaton mentioned above. Be careful to check them out, though. Some charge almost as much as the going rental rates in the area. The one my aunt was in was very nice. HUD:
I hope you find the right place at the right price! Good luck with everything....Lilli

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