Should we increase the time the RNA comes to help my mother with Alzheimer's?


As more detail, my mother has Alzheimers but she currently only has issues with short term memory. She also has mobility issues due to arthritic knees, and has incontinence issues. We recently moved her closer to us, in an independent living senior facility and we have hired a CNA. Originally we thought the CNA would come Mon-Fri for 4 hours per day, but now we feel we need to increase the time she is there so that she can help my mother get to the dining room for dinner. Thanks for any advice - this is new to us.

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A person in the beginning stages of Alzheimer's is living in an independent living seniors facility????? How did you managed to get her accepted as a resident there? I think a assisted living facility - especially one that has a skilled nursing facility attached to it - would be a better fit for your Mom. It would also cut down on any confusions she may have if she's moved more than once. Unlike an independent living home, most assisted living facilities have more "built-in help" available, some of which may be included in the rent.....
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What we have learned, through trial and error, is that the formula for enough will change. So be prepared for that. Then get more help and see how it goes. I was surprised how much help the extra help was.if you think you need more help, my experience tells me that you probably do. Maybe someone from the nursing home can give you a sense of how much more help you need, and what the hallmarks would be for when more help might be in order.
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