What kind of programs are available in home for exercise for my progressively weakening father because of inactivity?

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Contact a home health center, they can come in and provide rehab in your home also a nurse will come once a week and someone can also come two days a week and bathe your father. We had in home health and it was a nice break for me. Hope this helps you, good luck.
If you father is already on Medicaid/Long Term Care, you can have his doctor request physical therapy/ occupational therapy...all kinds of help.
My mother is 89, has Parkinson's and osteoporosis, so she has very limited mobility. I found these wonderful exercise CD’s that she is able to exercise to called “Jodi Stoloue’s Chair Dancing.” The music is fun and the exercise can be safely done while sitting in a chair! She moves her arms, feet, legs, hands, everything that she can move- she moves!
Movement Medical provides in-Home exercise for specific diseases or after being released from a doctor's or physical therapists care.

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