If dad is approved for an in home caregiver pension through the VA, can we continue using our current in home caregivers?

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My dad qualifies and we have applied for in home caregiver pension through VA. Waiting for the approval. We have 24 hour in home care for them (ages 90 and 91 both with alzhiemers/dementia diagnosed by their physician). Because of the high care, familiararity and love provided by our current care givers, a private family, can we continue using them if my dad is finally approved for this pension? They are also less expensive than any 'company' that provides in home care. Myself and siblings fill in an average of two days a week to give our caregivers days off. Are there restrictions in using our chosen caregivers?

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My dad also has a caregiver daily, while I am at work, me & my husband at night and weekends.
I am currently waiting an "approval" to get my dad service connected in order to collect a disability pension through the VA. I need to inquire about this home caregiver pension you mention. I was not told anything about this for him.

My understanding is that it will come paid directly to him (not sure if via check or can have direct deposit set up). So he will be able to use this money as he/we see fit. In his case this would go to cargiving services.
I just went through the A&A benefit paperwork for Mom. I was told that the funds can be used for her personal care and can even be paid to a family member. So I do not see why they would not cover a private paid caregiver that your family likes.
I suppose you could call the VA...but I have never had much luck doing that. You might also try calling your local ALF and ask if they have a company that they use to help their residents file. These people are so knowledgeable and have given me so much information.
I hope others in our forum will chime in a well.....
good luck
nice to know when you're not the lone ranger (lol)...this stuff sure is hard to figure out sometimes

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