doreenblue Asked April 2012

My husband has in home nursing care. One nurse took his shirt off during his shift. Is that appropriate or sanitary?


I was uncomfortable with his behavior. How do I handle it? This nurse has also had other weird behaviors but medically does the right stuff for my husband. Has anyone else had issues with home care nurses?

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jeannegibbs May 2012
Many young people consider the temperatures older people keep our houses at way too hot. But if he were working in a nursing home or hospital he'd keep his shirt on, and he owes you that courtesy. This is a behavior that is very easily fixed. You tell the agency, the agency tells him, he wears his coolest shirt and keeps it on. End of problem -- we hope!
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doreenblue Apr 2012
The room was warm, 74 degrees, but that is often how warm it is in there. We have mentioned so many things to the home care agency that I'm getting tired of sending e-mails about this particular caregiver. But I suppose you are right. I am not comfotable mentioning it to him myself. He generally just has borderline inappropriate behavior, but the agency claims they are having difficulty replacing him. In our home, the men don't run around shirtless unless it is 90 degrees outside. and that is family, not a professional caregiver.
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jeannegibbs Apr 2012
Was it exceptionally hot in your house? If you mention to him or to his agency supervisor that you would prefer that he keep a shirt on, perhaps he could choose to wear a lighter, cooler top. I don't think I would be comfortable with that behavior, either. It doesn't seem respectful.
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