My mother lives with us and I'm her legal caregiver. If I pay for her care, can I claim this money on my taxes?

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My mother lives with us, pays a some utilities. I am her Caregiver through the County. I pay her 'share of cost' can I claim it on my taxes.

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There are tax breaks for caregivers who spend their own money on their loved one's care, but you should talk with a CPA or an attorney so you know just how to do it. You don't want to send up any red flags that will give you nightmares. Still, you deserve what you deserve. You can check directly with the IRS, but it may be easier in the long run to find an attorney or CPA who knows caregiving tax laws.

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You should be able to take deductions for medical expenses you pay for your mother, if she is considered your dependent. She would be considered your dependent if you’ve provided over half of her support. The deductions are taken on Schedule A of the tax return. You may also be able to take a dependent exemption on your taxes. See IRS Publication 502 for details and specifics.

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