I want to move to the state mom is in. She is in a nursing home and I want to take her out. Can I get help for care and rent?

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Unfortunately there is very little available in the way of Medicare help for housing or caregiving. You might have better luck with your local office on aging...you will find this on your state's website. In our town seniors can sign up for low income housing if they qualify. The govt. subsidized apts. in our town are quite nice and dedicated to seniors. But get on the list now and ask for the paperwork to see if she qualifies. Also, be careful: some places charge the same as a regular apartment, so there is no advantage. If she accepts govt. housing, every year your Mom will have to "re-qualify." It's a hassle, but worth it if there is a savings.
Normally, caregiving services are not covered unless your Mom has had a recent hospital stay - then Medicare does provide some care. Paid caregivers in our region run about $19.00/hr.
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