I am a senior on disability. I work very part time and receive $665 a month. I am in debt very much and had to take out a loan. Does the loan count as an asset?

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So, basically I’m living off my loan. My disability and work pay for my rent which is $1195 a month. Would l qualify for Medi-cal and food stamps since it’s a loan from a credit card? I don’t think it’s fair l have to pay Part B and no food stamps. I’m wondering if a personal loan counts as assets?

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What was the reason you gave for the loan? If it was to consolidate your credit that's one thing but if using it to live than that is income. What you might want to do is see if your County Senior Agency (Here in NJ it's Office of Aging) and see if they have someone who can go over your finances and help with services. Low income can get lowered utility bills. Comcast has internet for low income for $10 a month. There r people that can help lower credit card debt but you have to stop using the cards. There r also low income senior apartments that rent is determined on a sliding scale. You need to apply for Medical to have questions answered. Here in NJ my nephew gets help with his part B and prescriptions.
You may qualify for the Medicare Savings Program to pay your Medicare Part B premium and food stamps. A legitimate loan is not considered income. When you apply, be prepared to show documentation that a valid loan exists....there is paperwork about what you have borrowed, repayment plan, etc. Did you borrow an amount in a lump sum which is sitting in a bank account that you draw down as needed, or is it an ongoing monthly receipt of funds?

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