My husband throws a fit over changing his shirt when it is wet on the bottom where he has urinated on it. Is this common?

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He can't wear button shirts so we use polo with a collar. He goes crazy and screams and hollers. You can not make him do it. Sweet talk doesn't work or explanations. Does anyone have any suggestions. Baths have gotten almost impossible. I just wash what I can when he is willing. Basically he is in charge.

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Would you be able to have an aide come in during the day-he might accept someone else's help. Has he been diagnoised with dementia -maybe some meds would calm him down so you can give him care-how is the rest of his behaivors-is this the only thing that makes him crazy -if all his care is as difficult maybe it is time to place him -it sounds like he may hurt you if he gets a little more angery.

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