How do I know if my mom is dying?

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I make sure she takes her meds, eats and gets a little exercise. But she tires easily. What do I need to watch for? The doc says take BPs. Her vision is more like black & white now, and I am not sure about her hearing. Her balance is kind of funny. I plan to take her to the hospital if there are any respiratory problems.

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You may want to have an evaluation for hospice. If she is not ready yet, those very knowledgeable folks can tell you what to look for before the next evaluation.
I had the same question regarding my Mom. I took care of her, told her that I love her and made sure she was well cared for and had what ever she needed. She would let me know when she needed to see the doctor and we tried to keep her as active and independent as possible. I didn't know if she would live 10 years, two years or two months. She was losing weight and went into the hospital several times, and each time she recovered enough to be sent home again. A few weeks ago we had a wonderful time together. I had changed her nail polish and we made a wonderful pasta together. We laughed and talked and I made sure that she knew that I love her and that I would not leave her. One night she went to bed and we had some very nice conversations. I know she was comfortable and had everything she needed. The next morning she didn't wake up. Someone on this sight wrote to me once that her Mom was gone and she was thankful for each day she hugged her Mom and told her that she loved her, because one day it happened that she was never able to say it again. I hope this helps you. I know it helped me to know that no one could tell me when Mom would die, but to remind me to be as kind as I could be and now that my Mom is gone, I am so thankful that I had that time with her... because now ... she is gone. Bless you for being a wonderful caregiver for your Mom. I am sure she feels your love.

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