How do we pay for a nursing home?

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My father has had a stroke and will need to be at a facility for at least a few months or for the rest of his life. All of his property was placed in my mother's name about 30 years ago. She is concerned that the property is at risk for being used to cover medical bills. Is her concern valid?

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Most likely, yes, since they are married, but since the property was placed in her name so long ago, there may be an exception.

She should contact the estate attorney who did their work, or another one, and figure this out. Medicare pays for the first few weeks - it was 20 days, but that is a moving target - of care in a nursing home, if the person goes there right out of the hospital. After that it is private pay until the assets are spent down. She needs an attorney who knows estate law and Medicaid law. Good luck. You are smart to look into this early.
will the nursing home accept whatever we can afford
If you can't afford the going rate for nursing home care you will probably be expected to apply for Medicaid. Since that pays less than the going rate, not all nursing homes accept it, but many do.
My Dad is to the point of probably having his second leg amputated in next couple of days. They say he will go to NH because my mom will not be able to care for him. From what I have read she can stay in the house, but do they take his pension to help pay for NH? If they do mom will not be able to afford house.

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