How do I make my mother happy?

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Please provide more information. It can be challenging to make anyone happy, but when you add dementia to the mix, at times it can be VERY difficult.

There are techniques that can prove helpful, such as VALIDATION THERAPY, and this was very useful when trying to understand why my mother was being so 'honery'. She was always such a loving person, but dementia had a way of making her less than loveable at times.

Most of her 'unhappiness' was related to her loss of control of her world, environment, her actions, her money, and what she still had the ability to do.

Take a look at the information on the website above (I have no affliation) and see if this will help you.

"Learning how to speak Alzheimer's" is another good book on how to deal with the challenges of caring for someone with Alzheimer's/dementia.

There are many other resources, including this website that provides articles and discussions on situations you are dealing with.

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