How do you give a bed bath?

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I used to wash moms bottom half while she was still in bed . You can get no rinse bath wash at most local pharmacy's and shampoos too. Mostly little pharmacys have that kind of stuff I have not seen any at Walmart. Or you can put warm water in a bowl and do it that way with soap and water. Just have to do one side and turn her over and do the other. And while she was up in her wheelchair I would do the top half and hair. The no rinse shampoo is not great but a life saver. Good luck. You can do all of her in bed if you want. Her aids does now. I just like getting her up for the top half.
If I were you, I'd call a local home health company and ask that they send their most experienced aid out to show you the most effective and safe way to do this. I do better when I have someone else show me these things. It might cost you $50 bucks for a couple of hours but it's worth it to be safe. Safety first!!

There are also all kinds of contraptions to help with bathing, getting in and out of the tub. You should be able to find examples at a local home health care supply / pharmacy.
Let us know how it goes!
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I give my mother a bath every morning in her bed. I bring a bucket of water, a wash cloth, sponge and hand towel. I first sit her up in bed and take her nightgown off and put soft soap on the sponge and do her back, rinse off with the wash cloth and dry her back. She then lies back down and I do her legs and give her the sponge to wash her face, arms, upper torso and private while I rinse and dry her legs and feet. Then she turns on her side and I wash her bottom. Then we put deoderant and powder on and get dressed. Hope this helps. Good luck.
Try googling 'how to give a bed bath'; you will find many helpful siters.
Also, there are step-by-step illustrations available on YouTube.
diddo on what people have already said, its not that scary, dont worry....I guess the best way to explain it would be just like giving a baby a bath, or a wash down, bring a basin with soapy water, one with clear water, a towel some powder, if u like, maybe even some baby wipes, and if she uses deodorant or perfume, that will help her feel good! Just do it in the bed, I used to just start from top to bottom,(putting towels under her) so there is no mess, and just start to wash her down like if it were yourself! She will feel so refreshed and cool and comfy after, and will appreciate you so much for just this, and make sure u do it daily, as some elderly folks just dont want to do it! My mom used to fight it at first, until I didnt give her a choice! either she took a bath and kept up her hygiene, or else she would be going somewhere, where they are skilled and certified to do it! It never escalated that far for me, as after a while she looked forward to it, and thanked me when we were done, even a little tv or background music is nice too!!! We all need to do this for ourselves, and if she fights it, she may really be depressed, and need to see a doctor, make them the ones who tell her how important it is, so u are not the bad guy! GOOD LUCK, and let us know!
Jackie~~Yes there is much information, articles and a video in You tube on this subject...

Once you get the hang of what is needed-and the procedure to follow-it most likely will become second nature.


So true Hap!!!

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