If you cannot legally force someone into assisted living an talking rational doesn't help. How can you get someone to go to assisted living?

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I think if a doctor orders you to go because it is no longer safe for you to live alone at home, then you must go and they cannot let you go unless they can give you a safe discharge which is very unlikely.

Tell us some more about what is going on in your situation.
Thanks Crowe for your response. My mother, 85, has Lupus, arthritis, and a knee replacement 2 moths ago. She has an infection from the knee surgery. Her dementia started after the surgery. We thought that the side effects from the drugs she is taking to fight the infection and her normal pain medications might be causing her in and out mental condition. Visited the doctor on Tuesday and changed meds. We hope that that will help. She so wants to live at home and it's fine with us if she eats, hydrates and takes her meds. Her dementia may get better. The doctor felt she would be better off in assisted living and it may come to him ordering it if he will. It's still going to be hard forcing her. It's hard to watch when she has been so strong mentally and dealing with her fight to stay that way.
She worked hard to set herself up to stay at home.

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