My neighbor's husband is too much for her to handle. How can I get her to seek help?

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my neighbors are in their 70's. They farmed all their lives. They come from a traditional back ground where the husband rules the roost. Well he is just not capable of making sound decisions anymore. He won't spend money to fix up the things that need to get fixed. His wife knows that he is not making sound decisions but will not go against his "final" say. They have no children to intervene. I personally think something needs to be done but not sure what. They both would be upset if I just called called social services is there anything I can do to nudge them towards help. I really think he is too much for her to handle but don't want to offend.

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Sit down with the wife and tell her what you think. She may be more susceptible to change but is just not used to going against her husband's orders, that she needs some gentle coxing and support.

It is very nice of you to care so much about your neighbor's well-being!


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