How can I get my dad with Alzheimer's to remember to push his medical alert necklace button?

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I have been paying for a medical alert service for several years. My dad wears it as a necklace. He says it's uncomfortable when he rolls over on it while sleeping, so he sometimes takes it off and puts it next to his pillow. He has recently fallen several times and will call out for help (he lives in a retirement home) but has never remembered to push the button. Any suggestions as to how to get him to remember? (His Alzheimers is getting worse by the day.)

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same with my mom.. would not wear the necklace. she fell and broke her arm she lives with me now... i bought a video monitor from babies are us so i can keep an eye on her and a motion detecotr from radio shcak so i know wnen she gets up it beeps in my room . what a life saver

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