How can I feel more comfortable hiring in home help for my father?

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I live 3000 miles from my father. He is in need of more care than he will admit to. I am spooked by the many articles I read about elder abuse and am therefore concerned about hiring live-in help when I am not there to observe. References don't always tell the story. How can I feel more comfortable with hiring help in this situation?

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See if they are bonded, call them and ask them up front about this concern. Usually, if there is anything to worry about it falls on the company. I know that the care of your father is in your heart. Pray about it and if you really feel that you a certain company sounds good to you, this just may be the peace He is sending you from above. Telling you that this is the one not to worry about, that your father will be in good hands with these people. I am a praying person and rely heavily on my Father. What He says is just and true. I pray all the time, tell Him exactly what I am worried about and what I want and be as precise as you can, and then wait for the answer. He will answer!
There are ways to monitor them while you are away. I think they are similar to hidden cameras and baby monitors. Also, you can check into Jan Werner in your state, this is a adult day care in different states. It provides activities and watch over your loved one while you are away. I put my husband in one so I could go back to work and pay bills. He doesn't like it, but the doctors agree that he needs to be there. And since we meet there qualifications, it is helpful. They are paid by P.A.C.E. or the VA. Check it out. They are safe and can be trusted.
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Hire a caregiver through an agency. An agency will have checked references and done an extensive background check on all of their caregivers. I worked for a large nursing agency that had caregivers, sitters, nurses, and hospice workers (I worked hospice) and my agency checked my background not just before I was hired but every six months for the 5 years I worked there. I was bonded and insured and covered by Worker's Comp.

If you go through an agency you will have access to the caregiver's documentation regarding your father and if the caregiver isn't working out for whatever reason the agency will provide a new one. And if there's a problem with a caregiver the agency assumes the liability. If you go with a private duty caregiver working on her own and there's any kind of an incident she can just disappear one day and you'll never hear from her again. There's no accountability.

As you can tell I'm a big supporter of agency healthcare. While my agency wasn't perfect they were honest and looked out not just for our clients but for it's workers as well. When I was hired for a hospice assignment I never worried about what kind of situation I was walking into because my nursing supervisor would have been there first for an assessment.

Find yourself a reputable agency and check their online reviews.
Eyerishlass, your post is very timely. I was working yesterday on revising a care contract and was troubled by the clause absolving the agency, its employees, agents and literally any dogs and cats owned by members from any and all liability for anything that occurred in the resident's home.

Obviously I'm not going to accept that. The workers need to be responsible and not relieved of anything they do that could cause harm, and I suspect they probably are. The problem arises in whoever created a ridiculous contract, and I don't write that just facetiously. There are clear signs of an amateur involved in creating the contract's terms.

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