How do you deal with the decline of a loved one with Alzheimer's disease?

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A day at a time. Keep up outside activities if you can, see a couselor if you need to. It's very, very hard. Other caregivers are a great help. Please keep coming back to this site. People here know about what you are going through.
What stage is she? I can offer helpful hints for earlier stages. My Mom is in NH now and Music is great for all stages and routine is comforting and freedom to do as she wishes within reason is good too. "OK" should become your favorite response, even if you get accused of crazy things or she see's crazy things, agreeing is easier than making sense of it. Think outside the box in difficult situations. For example my Mom one day was waiting for someone to pick her up for a date (in her reality) she stood by the window waiting for hours. I just said ok , I thought she'd give up after a while but she was on a mission. So then I had to leave and she had to go with me, but instead of trying to tell her there was no date, I had a friend call me, as if it were her date, and I told Mom we were meeting her date else where, I had to take her. She said oh ok by the time we pulled out of the driveway she had forgotten all about that and asked me where we were going. I figured out whatever works is easier than trying to get her to understand.

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