How much more can my mother's weak body take?

Friday morning at 3:30 my mother had a light heart attack which at first was thought to be another seziure. She was taken to the ER and admitted into the hospital. Her hemaglobin was low. So, they gave her a blood transfusion. Her UTI has returned and she has a skin infection, cellulitus.
I was talking with a nursing home nurse who knows my mother. She wonders how many more seziures and heart attack that my mother can endure in her already weakend continue, lack of doing anything PT attempts to get her to cooperate with; when you take into account several years of seziures pluss a heart attack before she fell and broke her hip and went to the nursing home. The nurse said she could tell that everytime my mother came back from the hospital that she was never quite the same and declined more mentally, etc. than before.

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Crowe, I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. It sounds like she is wearing down physically and mentally. God bless her and you.
I am so sorry that you and your mother are going through this heartbreaking time. My father is very ill and I have just returned from the hospital wondering how much more he can endure.A nurse told me today that she thinks he is withdrawing because he is so weary. I agree with her, but it still hurts to see him suffer. I wish I could help you in some way. Please know that you and your mother will be in my prayers.
Thanks, ya'll! Today, my mother returned to the guardian care with a rather sharp mind, weak body, still some antibiotics to finish, was fed supper which she ate it all, and blood pressure was high. She looks so frail and is so weak. I'm amazed that she is still alive. How much longer? She was glad to hear that her 2007 past due taxes are almost done.
Crowe, well your mom rallied yet again. As long as she is comfortable, that's about all you can ask for right now. I'm sure she perked up knowing you've taken care of her taxes. I hope she is not in too much pain. It's terrible to see her grown weak and frail, I know - it was for me to watch my father fade away.
The human body is an amazing vessel! I am amazed at the ability of people like your mother - and my own for that matter - to keep going and going. When you consider some of the things that we do to our bodies - drugs, alcohol, nasty food - and we just keep ticking along.... The human spirit is also as amazing and, I believe, the reason the body keeps going. Perhaps your mom still has hope for something positive each day. It might be a small matter but it's hope.

I hope you can help her find the best quality of life possible and remember that she's blessed to have your love and support. Things like this unfold as they should, we may not know the time or understand the plan, but it will unfold as it should.

Best of luck to you and your mom.

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