What does it cost to attend adult day care?

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That depends on the adult day care so you'd have to check with the facility. If your loved one has Long-term care insurance, they may pay part of the cost. Otherwise, unfortunately, it's generally up to the person to pay. However, ADC centers provide many perks for elders and their caregivers - or at least they can. Good luck,
You need to shop around our senior center has day care and the people can be picked up by bus and a few years ago it was 5 dollars a day and lunch is served which costs $2.50.
How can I find an adult day care or senior center near Hickam AFB for my 72 year old father who is coming to stay with me for a few weeks. I want him to visit, but we still have to work and I want him to have company his own age during the day. He's legally blind, but can move around very well.
If the loved one is on some kind of elderly waiver program, check whether that covers all or part of the cost. If you have a case worker, that person can guide you.
The median cost of adult day health care is $65 daily and it has an annual cost of $16,900. In a span of five years, the cost of adult day care will increase by $1.20%.

My Mom goes to the local Senior Ctr Day Program it is $35 a day for 5 1/2 hrs.. Lunch is a $2.50 a day donation.. The bus is $10 a day..
For senior activities, day programs, classes, etc. for a still active elder IF your city has an OASIS center, it is probably going to be affordable & pretty comprehensive. OASIS is in about 3dz cities. My mom belong to it and loved it as she could pick & choose what class or program to take and only go those days. The annual membership was around $ 20 and most classes were free & meals around $ 3.00. They even had indoor swimming classes at a university pool, field trips to museums, to city council meetings but you had to get to the OASIS center on your own first. The health screenings, flu shots all get done & billed to Medicare. OASIS gets grant & united Way funding so is nonprofit but has to charge for stuff.

If they are lower income and have health issues, if your city has PACE, then I'd try to get them into that system. There is a PACE by us & is almost full day (usually a 5/6 hr day) type of program with lunch & snack. If they meet the income & health criteria, it's totally free (as costs billed to Medicare or Medicaid) & usually have a van to pick them up . For PACE, they are usually dual eligible - on Medicare & Medicaid. PACE is mainly funded by waiver diversion use of Medicaid funding & because of this, they have to provide income / asset info.
Jaybean, I don't think that Medicare covers any. Medicaid often does. Some facilities have "scholarships" available.

You need to locate some centers near you and talk to them directly.
Medicare does not pay for adult day care, Aimhighflygirl, contact your local aging agency and ask for a list of Adult Day Care facilities and programs in your area. Expect to pay between 50-75$ a day.
Good Luck
Call your local Elder Affairs and see what's available in town or near by Senior Ctr... They'll have the info...

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