How many days is ok to go without a bowel movement? He is not eating much, so I am thinking that is the reason for this to be ok?

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Why is it that it seems old people are so anal (pun intended) about the whole bowel movement thing? I swear my grandma wigged out every time she didn't have a BM every single blessed day. Now I see my 84 year old mother doing the same thing. She tells me she's worried because she's not going on a regular basis. Now suddenly she's got a 'bug' of some sort that's causing diarrhea and she's upset with that! To answer your question, I would think the less you eat and the less you exercise, the less you have to go. Seems logical to me. I know this is gonna come back and bite me someday when I start telling my son that I haven't pooped in 3 days. Ha.

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