How do you convince an elderly person (who is always cold) to turn on air conditioning in summer?

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I disagree that we're supposed to suffer for our elders in this manner...I see no logic in suffering to the point of getting sick and having to go to the hospital just because my mother wants the temperature to be in to the 80's inside in the summer time(or any time for that matter),,You're foolish to put yourself through that misery..My mother stays cold all the time.she's 92 years old and has been living with me since march of 2016.I put extra blankets over her and even bring out the winter jacket if necessary but I won't continue to sweat profusely in my own apartment for the sake of my mother's comfort when I can keep her warm by covering her and her wearing thick c0lothing.TO SUFFER TO THE POINT OF 24/7 SUFFERING absurd and you're slowly going to ,make yourself sick iby remaining so hot so much of the time.this is not healthy!!! you understand?
When I come to stay with my parents to help them, and give them company, my father gets very mean, about the fact I think 79-80 degrees in the house is too hot. He sets the thermostat to that temp. He laughs and says I am WRONG, how dare I say its hot, and THERE is something WRONG with me. I am just griping on here, as it just infuriates me. I have solved my issue, by staying up in my room, where I have closed off the vent. But when he sees I did that, he GETS FURIOUS at me. He almost wants to throw me out. How dare I think its hot..there is something so WRONG with me. He is always RIGHT...Ugh...just my place to vent here. (My home I do keep cold, but when they visit I turn up the heat...not to 80..but I make it warm for them)
Susan, I do that same thing. In winter I close the vents to my room and the rabbit's room and open the windows if the weather allows. I can end up playing a game of musical vents, opening them and closing them as needed. My mother is the same as your father.

Maybe you can just not tell your father when you close the vent. Does he check? You don't have to lie, just don't say anything at all. You're an adult now and can make your own decisions about what is comfortable. Parents don't seem to be able to grasp that concept at times. Is your father concerned that the air flow through the house won't be right? It is a legitimate concern, but not one you should address by making yourself miserable.
Thanks JessieBelle. I don't tell him, but he had just come in, to get something, and wanted to know why I had the bathroom door shut (it has a vent I can't close up, and pours out heat). I sound like such a child when writing this..but his blowing up at me, just simply hurts my he becomes so mean and argumentative over such a subjective thing. WHO cares that I think its hot. I solved the issue, with no affect to him (except he swears I mess up the flow of the air and thermostat's workings...). But he has to belittle me...tell me I am wrong to feel hot (huh?) and that his feel of hot or cold is RIGHT and I am wrong. And I know I can't argue, as its insane...So I was just venting. He can be such a jerk at times, and there is nothing I can do about it. They need me, and I am obligated to help them. Thanks JessieBelle for your fast response!
My mother refuses to run the central heat and air conditioner. The winters are cold enough to require small space heaters which she will run, one of which nearly started a fire. The heat during the summer is making me sick as the heat and humidity in southeastern US is horrible. The home is being ruined with the growth of mildew. I am literally sick of dealing with these issues. I no longer cook, clean, etc., due to the uninhabitable conditions. It's either too hot or too cold to do anything.
The problem is you can't convince I constantly cold person to turn on the AC during summer, I personally would just go turn it on myself if it was dangerously hot in that area. Some people don't realize how dangerously hot an area gets during the summer, and heat stroke claims many lives each summer. Sometimes you just have to take matters into your own and is an override someone who may not be in a position to make very competent decisions when everyone else knows the dangers of summer heat and heat stroke. 

My elderly friend who since died was always cold toward the end due to lack of circulation which was due to lack of exercise. I didn't know how lazy he really was until they put him into a nursing home and took away his power chair and mobility scooter and made him use a walker. We all knew he needed the items but not nearly as bad as he was letting on, he could've gotten by with just a walker much of the time. He always complained of being cold. He kept the AC at a hot setting and having a damaged auto nervous system from childhood, I have an overheating disability where I'm vulnerable to heat illness. Therefore, I just can't be where it's hot so I really didn't have too many options other than to either just leave despite him wanting me there or sneak behind his back and set the thermostat to a slightly cooler setting that was comfortable for us both. After a while he would set it back to the warmer temp, and I had to always have a frozen hot water bottle on me. Of course in a cooler hot area it doesn't stay cold as long as it should. I'm just glad they took away all his control when they put him into a nursing home because the thermostat was controlled by the nursing home where they had central air. That way, when they turn on the AC, you have no control over it and if you're cold, you'll just have to put some layers on or hop on the treadmill and get the blood moving. 

A final thought would be there if you can't be in a hot area, just refuse to be there and the elderly person who wants you there bad enough will somehow find clever ways to accommodate you, if not they won't. Just don't put yourself and your health at risk to please someone else if you know for a fact you're negatively affected by the summer heat

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