My mother has annuities in her name and has early onset Dementia/alzheimer's. How can I protect them?

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Back in 2010 I had my Mother do a will and she deeded the property and her house to me because I live behind her. She has some annuities in her name with her beneficiary to her estate. She is now been diagnosed with this Dementia/Alz about a year ago. She is fully aware she has these annuities and is drawing interest on them. The beneficiary is to her estate, now that things have changed, how can I protect those annuities to bury her with if she ends up in a nursing home? She has already deeded the property to me in 2010, and made me POA. I need some help, she doesn't have enough life insurance to cover burial cost. Thanks

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Patsul, the short answer is that you can prepay your mom's funeral expenses. If you believe that your mom will eventually be on Medicaid, there are rules about transferring property, etc. Your state's Medicaid website will tell you if there is a limit to the amount you can prepay on her funeral expenses.
Yea, tried that, she won't do it, asked her to do that already. When you don't have a person that is still capable of knowing how much money they have, then it is their money and she won't agree to pre-pay for a funeral. Thanks though.... :/
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Many have encountered the time period you are in, decisions and actions need to be taken and parents are unwilling. Since she still has enough of her faculties to make decisions regarding her own money, you just have to wait it out. Alzheimer's can be a lengthy disease. Don't sell that house, but if you do, hang on to the money. There is a 5 year look back period in most states and such assets can need to be used for their care prior to them being eligible for Medicaid.

There are special rules and considerations for homes, if you think she will need Medicaid someday to pay for her care when her money is gone, you need to educate yourself and her now on the rules in your state.

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