How do I get paid for watching, feeding, and giving my mother showers?

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This is the most common question asked by caregivers like you. Trying to find information on getting paid is difficult. Your ability to get paid entirely depends on where you live and your caring situation.

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I have a sister that has moved in wfith our father he is 83 and has demenchia. I would like to find out if she can get payed for his care? Since she left her job and life back were she came ?
As soon as you find out let me know. Beverly Dracut, MA
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Yes you can get paid thru a caregivers contract, which is the parents money . You have to have the POA draw it up and sign it on what you will do and how much you will get paid. (average is $15 per hour 8-10 hours a day) Some on this site receive Aide and Attendent funding if he spouse was in the service . I know this sounds strange to get paid for your parent BUT if your parent owns a house or has any money whatsoever and you do all he work, at her death the money will usually be split equally amongst the sibings. Is that fair that they do nothing and get equal amounts? Take care of this now with the POA and if that person doesnt agree, then tell that POA to take care of your Mother, their mind will change quickly. Best of Luck.

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