How does an elderly person with balance issues take a shower?

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On most levels my dad could stay in an assisted living apartment. However the ones I have visited only have a small shower. He only takes a bath, and because of balance and gait issues can't stand on his feet and maintain balance without a cane or walker. How does someone like him bathe in such an apartment?

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Most ALFs offer personal care. So an attendant would help your father bathe. Actually, getting in and out of a shower is safer than a tub. Most ALFs have showers that are level with the floor, so he can take his walker inside. If he does not have good balance, then a shower chair is best. Buy him a handheld shower head with a long hose. But if he is unable to shower properly (ie: reach his back etc.) then an attendant can help.
If he is going to assisted living, he should take advantage of all their services.
My mom has terrible balance. She has a walk in shower with a chair facing the shower. I bought an adapter that made this a hand held shower. There is a railing in front on her and on the side. Be sure and put non slip stuff in front on the chair. This is the perfect scenario to ask occupational therapy to come in and help with ideas for your dad to learn a new way. With my mom I have trouble getting her in and our of bed. Is your dad able to do this on his own?
As a nurse I would recommend obtaining a small shower chair that can be placed in tub or shower for him to sit on as he baths. Have someone with him to assist him so he does not fall. You can also have suction tub and toilet grab bars placed in the bathroom. have a physical therapist and occupational therapist evaluate him to see what he is capable of doing by himself and with assistance.
Those shower chairs are indeed amazing...trully a good investment and there are different ones...I bought a teak one that fits nicely in my mom's tub and it worked out perfectly for when I could still bathe her.

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