My mother has Alzheimer's and paces back and forth. It tires me out watching her as I sense her uneasiness. How do I cope?

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Please any advice on dealing with the "paciing" my mother exhibits due to her AD. I recently found out that is what she is doing going outside back in back out back in to her rooom and on and on and on. It tires me out watching her as I sense her uneasiness and don't know how to cope with it.

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If nothing else, it may be good exercise for her if she is home-bound. Listen to your favorite music on MP3 player, or CD and tune out. Close your eyes, even, as you hum along to music you enjoy. Call someone to say hello. If there is any little thing she can do in the house, why not ask her to do it to try to re-direct her attention if that makes you more comfortable? Can you ask someone to call her to say hello when it's happening?

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