How do I locate a Physical Rehabilitation Center that provides transportation for my husband who has suffered from a stroke?

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Check with senior centers there are great people who give back by driving seniors to appointments and also check with your office of the ageing they should be able to advise you where to go for help our little county has about 400 plus volunteers every year they figure how much money we save the taxpayers by our gift of time.
Also, try the Daycares. I dont konw where you live but the Sarahcare Centers provide rides to and from and they have physical therapy right there at the center! Great place to meet people have breakfast and/or lunch and do PT. Good luck, I didnt find out until a year after my Mom had broken her hip, we had PT come to the house and I took 3 months off of work, wish I had known then.
Toni, I am interested also but live in NH and we made out a caregivers contract for Mom to pay me but the money will run out. Ideas appreciated. Thanks much!

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