How do I know if my mother has life insurance?

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There really is no way to know unless you know the name of an insurance company she may have done business with.
There are definitely ways to check for existing life insurance policies your parents may have had. Here are a number of ways to look for life insurance policies your loved ones may have had. Look at their checking account records to see if any payments were made to insurance companies. You should also look for any homeowners insurance policies or auto insurance policies your mom may have had and contact those companies and agents to see if they ever wrote life insurance on your mom. Another way to look for policies is to contact the Medical Information Bureau. They have a service that will search for policies that may have existed. Good luck.
Is someone has a Life Insurance Policy on a disabled person, that is now receiving hospice care thru Medicaid and they are receiving the care in a family members home. At time of death does the person with the Life Insurance have any obligation toward expenses incurred during the illness. Thanks for any help here!

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