How can I help my 80-year-old father who has had two strokes, can barely walk and is blind in one eye?

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Please tell us more about your situation. Is your Dad at home with you? Do you have family who can pitch in? Does he qualify for a Medicaid nursing home? Has your doctor recommended a rehab facility after his strokes?
A good place to start is your local office on aging - or could be called by other names. Also, I have had good luck with talking to the social workers at our hospital...they are very knowledgeable. If all else fails, there are good licensed companies out there who provide paid caregiving. I use one that screens their employees and hires locally.
You need a break from caregiving so that you can re-energize, think clearly, and make a plan. Sometimes caregiving immoblizes me too so I just need to take a step back and look for the best solutions.
good luck...let us know what you find.

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