How do I get paid for taking care of grandmother?

I am nineteen years old and i take care of my blind grandmother who is also biploar her mother is over all of my grandmothers information but dosent do any of the work that i do to make sure that she is proprely taken care of i recieve no benifits for her and her mother isnt handling her money the way she suppose to what shall I do?

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You can check with your state website - I'd look for the National Family Caregivers Support Program. (type "aging" in the state website search box). Follow that link to find some local people who may be able to assist you.
If the situation is too bad, you may have to contact adult social services. You and your grandmother need some help.
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I took care of my grandmother for 14 1/2 months and she gave me $300 a month and now that she has passed there is approximately $5200 of her money spent I cannot account for? How do I handle this situation not receipts or written documents
Lrr, who is asking for details about the missing $5200? Once a person dies, you are not liable for their unpaid bills. If the Heirs are questioning where the money went, just give photocopies of the receipts that you DO have (white out account numbers). And i hope you have a written caregiving contract signed which agrees to $300/month. But on a practical note, if you're worried about being sued, it would have to be for a lot more than $ costs a lot to hire a lawyer etc. Most lawyers wouldn't touch a lawsuit where the amount in question is only $5200, because they would charge about that much.
I have been taking care of my mother-in-law for almost two years, I quit my job to stay at home and take care of her.My husband is blind and he can't do much for her but he didn't want her in a home because he can't visit much because I was working during the day, for two years I have not had an income, please tell me how to find financial help.

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