How do I get legal help at no cost to battle the people who abused my mom to the point of her death?

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There's always lawyers that do pro-bono work. Check with a college near you that has a law program and ask them.
The appropriate place to start is the police department and elder abuse task force for your state.
Good luck in your effort! Above all else do not talk to anyone other than someone who will help or likely help you out legally. Keep your efforts quiet otherwise. You might be accused of defamation and you don't want that. Hope you have tons of evidence and folks with personal knowledge, otherwise don't waste your time. Many law enforcement folks don't want to be bothered. Be prepared to suffer but if you are intent on doing good, be resolved to fight and not give up. Otherwise, don't bother. God bless.
Who are these people?
Dear landofgarden19, In Australia, we are able to get help from a place called Legal Aid. You may have something similar where you live. They provide Lawyers at a responsible cost, and do all the Paper work for you. I have always found then very useful.

Regards, Gossip3
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You won't find a law firm who will represent you pro bono (free), however, you may very well find a law firm who will not ask for an up-front fee nor a cost fee for representing you, only to be compensated when the settlement occurs. These firms are very dedicated to the cause of fighting injustice. It is well worth your while to research them and begin the process of becoming the plaintirff. No need for Legal Aid.
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