monsteri69 Asked July 2010

I need financial help caring for my grandfather. How do I get the help I need?


please I'm in dire need of help here!

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LynnPO Jul 2010
Mon - is the help for YOU or your grandfather? I recommend contacting your local Area Agency on Aging to see what programs are offered in your state as far as paying you but don't expect much help, especially in this economy. A few states pay a small stipend to family who remain home to care for disabled parents, grandparents or spouses. I also suggestion that you see if your grandfather is a veteran and if he qualifies for any aid from them. I've read that they have a program to pay care givers a bit of money but there are specific qualifications you must meet.

Based on your profile information, I assume that you are living with your grandparent and acting as care giver. If yes, then there might be assistance programs through your state department of health and welfare - food stamps for medical assistance for him.

There are also lots of ideas in the money and legal section of this web sites. Best of luck!
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