As the only immediate family my mother has, how difficult is it to become her guardian and bring her here to CA (she has a temp guardian)?

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First off, you need to either contact an attny or at least contact your local Public Guardians office within the county you live in. You will need to complete the information for the courts etc. Who has Temp guardianship? Guardianship must be completed and granted by the courts.
It depends on her situation. How old is she? Does she have dementia? What is her health like? If she does not have dementia, she would be considered to be an independent adult and no one else would have the right to be her guardian. If she does have such a problem, you can petition the court to make you her guardian since you want for your own mom to live with you and since you are her only immediate family. This should not be hard at all. Good luck!
Start the guardian process as suggested above. Will the temp Guardian let you bring her to CA. What illness does your grandma have so we can give you ideas on how to bring her to CA. What state is she in now? I have confidence that you will be able to move grandma it will just take plannning. If the temp guardian is agreeable to this start the process of have grandmas ss checks sent to you. you will need that money to care for her!!! We are here to hep.
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So why the need for a temporary guardian?
Was the person incapacitated or was it done to protect them from another?
And why wasn't a family member given guardianship?
What does the court document read as far as length of time for the guardian and how are they getting paid?

All these things will make a huge difference in what kind of approach to take and really how big of a legal situation it was - like the elder had a fall, went to the ER and there was no family to be his advocate and the hospital social services had to contact the court ...this is pretty routine to change. But if the elder was in an abusive situation and that is why a temp guardian was done, this is much more complicated legal situation and they may not be allowed to leave the state until the abuse is verified and resolved. Whatever the case, all this is done in probate court and you really are best served having an attorney to represent you and it needs to be someone who does work in probate court regular. Usually probate court judges hear these cases as well as regular probate ones and are very savvy when it comes to family dramarama's.
My husband is the public guardian in the county we live in here in California. There
can but not always be alot of hoops to jump through to get the guardianship changed from one state to another.Seriously you need the advise of an attny to make sure all the the steps are complete as some of the judges can really hold things up if everything is not done to their liking. Most attny will give you a few minutes of their time without charging you,
Talk to her about being her "Power of Attorney" and then on her behalf you can move her to California. Power of Attorney paperwork is cheap, I did this for my spouse when he had a stroke so that I can take care of him in california and fill out the medi-cal program for us as well as IHSS (In home supportive services) that if you qualify they will pay you as a caregiver to take care of your mom. Good Luck.
a7 - POA won't work as court order (which guardianship is) trumps all other legal
at this point for her.

imho, the reason(s) why a temporary guardianship was needed and what the court order reads and what the opinion of the temporary court-ordered guardian on the situation are the keys as to what ypennyman's options and strategy needs to be to legally move her mom from 1 state to another.

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