How can my husband recieve pay to take care of my father who cant be left alone?

My father has medicare and tencare. My husaband is unable to work because we cant leave my father alone. This is making it hard to pay all our bills I heard that he could recieve some pay for being his caregiver. We dont know where to apply

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Contact your local social security office. One option since he is getting VA benefits is moving him to a nursing home and get VA benefits to pay for it which I think they will do. Having him in your home with neither you or your husband being able to work not only makes bills hard to pay, but could really bring about some sad circumstances if your house is not already paid for. In the long term view, your dad's condition will worsen to the point that it will be beyond you to deal with and by then you might be burned out anyhow, plus I'm not sure how your marriage will fair if you don't get a break from providing all of this care 24/7.

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