How can I spend down my assets legally to be eligible for Medicaid?

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I am my 94 year old father's power of attorney and executor. Apart from an irrevocable trust that we set up over five years ago, dad still has liquid assets totaling about $70,000 that I realize will have to be used for nursing home care before he qualifies for Medicaid in New York State. Over the past five years, he has helped various children and grandchildren with cash to pay for various things such as vehicles and down payments on their homes. There is no way these family members can give back such "gifts", so what does that mean as far as dad's eligibility for Medicaid is concerned. To add to my confusion, what if he had decided to withdraw a vast sum of money three years ago and lost it all at a casino. Would the state expect the casino to return the money, since the loss would have occurred within the look-back period?
my mom and I have a joint cd account and a joint checking account. Both were established over 15 years ago. Am I entitled to keep my share if my Mom is applying for Medicaid and needs to spend down?
I am power of attorney for a patient in a nursing home on medicaid. The nursing home alerted me that my person is getting close to being over the money limit in his account so I needed to withdraw 400.00 . Now do I have to spend all of this immediately on him or can I spend it down as he needs things and then turn in all receipts when the entire 400.00 is gone ? I only use the money on him. please answer soon thank you.
allowable Medicaid spend down items
can I continue to spend down my dad's money after he applies for mediade?
My mother and her husband had a CD that they had been adding to every year when it was time to renew it. A year before her husband died, and well after my mother had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, he took my mother's name off the CD and added his brother's name. The day after her husband died, his brother cashed in the CD totaling $75,000. I was unaware of the CD. My mother is in a nursing home, and I've been "spending" down her money by paying the nursing home, so she will qualify for Medicaid. I finally got her checking account down to nothing, and sold everything and used all of that for the bill, never knowing about the CD that had been cashed out. We just recently started the Medicaid process, to get her approved, and I had to get 5 years of bank statements. I sent those to Medicaid, and get a call wanting me to find $75,000. that was missing! Because the brother took the CD, it makes my mother have a penalty of that much money! We have nothing left to pay the nursing home with. Is there anything at all that we can do. I just want my mother to be approved for Medicaid! He can keep the money if they will just approve us, even though, my mother contributed to that CD over the years, and EVERY time any money was added to it, it was always by check written by my mother. With her having Alzheimer's there is no way she could have ever agreed to such as this being done. I just don't know what we are going to do!
I became disabled 13 years ago and after 3 years I was finaly awarded a samall monthly amount of money(less than 500.00 per month) and this qualified me for medicaid. Then or now 10 years later the government said they made a mistake and I should have been getting divorced widows benefits so they raised my disability check to 857.00-then a month later sent me a check for 54.000.00 for back money. Now I no longer qualify for In home care. But here is what is odd. They are keeping me on Medicai and Medicare and tell me not to worry about it. I am leery about this. I feel like the bottom is about to fall out. I have no other assets-I lost everything because of the low income for 10 years. What should I do? I live in Texas by the way. Something just doesn't smell right. Thank you
Generally by paying for care but make sure you keep records and it may be you have to use an agency I would check with an elder lawyer and they are not all expensive mine had me pay a retainer and some office of ageing have free services in which a lawyer donates him time and the client does not pay but that would be one way to spend down also going into a nursing home as private pay until you reach the limit also be aware there is a look-back period where they check any large withdrawals usually it is 5 years.
My Mom has community home care and is spending down her IRA for home care to pay for aids at home. In spending down her IRA will that make her not eligible for medicaid?
As long as she spends down her money on her care that will make it easier to get medicaide-it is when you gift large amounts of money to others so as to get on medicaide is when there is a problem. When her assests are at or under what she is allowed to keep she can apply for medicaide and after the forms are filled out there will be a meeting with social service and will find out if she is accepted and then home care or placement will be paid for-using her money for her care is what is suppose to happen not as most people want to do which is leave large sums of money for their children-people need to get their head around that are savings are to be used for our care as we age.

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