How can I help get my mom out the house she suffers from depression?

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my mom is 69 yrs old but she is aging very fast in the house her face is very small she looks so sick and depressed i wish i could help!!

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First step: take her to her doctor. There are all kinds of reasons why she might be depressed. She could be over-medicated. Her diet may be poor. She might just be lonely. Spending time with her and making sure she eats right can go a long way toward helping her feel better.
Also make sure she has her thyroid checked via a TSH test (very simple blood test) if she has not had one recently. Even a slightly below-normal thyroid output can make a person depressed and unwilling to engage in normal activities.
well my moms is also depressed if any medical stuff doesn't work then get her cousins her stay with her
She might be low on B-12 and Folic Acid which can be checked at the same time the thyroid is checked by a blood test.

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