How can I get reimbursed for taking care of my elderly parents?

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This takes a lot of digging and it depends on where you live. You can read this article for some help:

Good luck. It should be easier than this, as you are saving the government and the family money, but that has not been quickly recognized.
Mom is in an Alzheimer's facility. I am her POA and only child. My husband and I are caring for her house, paying for all repairs. We spend a great deal of time with her, shopping for what she needs and tending to her home. I keep records and receipts of dates, mileage & expenses. I'm assuming we can reimburse ourselves for actual expenses w/receipts, but what about the time and mileage of care? We live in New Jersey.
When you find out I would like to know as well. I live in California and honestly the only way I have heard of people being paid is either if they are the care giver and the patient is on Medicaid or if you are POA and only child and only beneficiary to her will or trust then I don't know why you are not able to reimburse yourself through her estate as you will own everything anyway; unless your Mom is on Medicaid and you are not able to touch her estate until her passing.

You might get in touch with your Mom's attorney and ask if there was any provision in her Trust/Will for your reimbursement. In my case I am full time care giver and live with Mom in her home and therefore if I have to purchase anything for her, I purchase it from her account or "petty cash" of sorts that we keep for minor purchases.

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