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How can I legally move my parent out of her her unsafe home?

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shirldblake Aug 2012
my parents live with my 46 year old brother in a roach infested trailer and my brother sees nothing wrong with the situation and both my parents have dementia in different stages. my sisters and I want them out of the living conditions they are in and put into a facility where they can be cared for in a healthy inviroment. how do we go about this?
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rozs65 Feb 2011
I'm going through the same issue with my mom. I have called social services in her hometown and they are going to meet me on Tuesday to talk with her. The only problem is I don't know how to tell her why I'm coming for a visit without letting her know I called the social worker. It is such a hard situation to deal with.
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toadballet1 Feb 2011
I would try everything you can do to reason with them. Is there a trusted third party who can intervene?
Removing them forcibly is not a pleasant task nor is it easy. You need to either call in social services or declare them incompetent and get legal guardianship...both will take awhile.
I would exhaust every avenue before doing the above.
good luck
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